Crafting our success story, together

Helping Drive Data Adoption

We help convert non-data users into habitual data users.

As emerging countries have a majority of mobile subscribers who use their devices primarily for making phone calls, it was quite necessary for us to change the mobile video landscape. Our patented video streaming technology provides a high-quality experience even on low-end devices.

Increasing Engagement and ARPU

We are the pioneers of mobile video streaming

We help our telecom partners monetize their user base by up-selling fresh and personalized content to data subscribers so they can increase their average revenue per user (ARPU). Our technology allows us to keep bandwidth usage within acceptable limits, whilst maintaining a high quality in streaming.

Our Telecom Partners

Making mobile the Screen of Choice

As videos have become the main source of entertainment and bandwidth limits turn into a lesser concern, videos on mobile have opened up new avenues for advertising. Mobile video viewing is set to grow year on year.