About Us

About Us

Driven by the strength and wisdom of PCCW, a company that is creating global connections across 3,000 cities worldwide, Vuclip aims to transcend physical borders, technological barriers and cultural boundaries, to emerge as a versatile media hub that unifies the world as one limitless oyster of unceasing entertainment.

When it comes to creating and sustaining path breaking technology, we have always been the ones to lead from the front. When videos on mobile phones were hard to fathom, we were already wowing the world by streaming content on 2G devices. Always the ones to stay ahead of the curve, Vuclip, powered by a humble 500-strong workforce that believes in the potential of innovation and originality, has emerged as one of the forces to be reckoned with, in the world of OTT entertainment.

A mix of Viu’s telecast content, streaming and download features, localized user interfaces, is propelled by Vuclip’s robust AI, ML, cutting edge tech stacks, advanced algorithms, and the patented Dynamic Adaptive TranscodingTM technology, to ensure smooth, unbuffered viewing experiences regardless of device or network conditions.

By creating next-gen entertainment experiences, we intend to create a new ‘worldviu’ – by transforming the landscape, by elevating it to a whole new level!


Be the most admired and innovative MediaTech Company.


Entertain a billion people across the globe.

Values & Philosophy

Promise to engage and entertain consumers globally.


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