Our Culture

VuClips Vows

Consumer and Partners

Consumer and Partners are the core of our values. The VU VOWS to always serve them better and beyond expectations.

  • Know and understand your consumer and partners deeply (stated and unstated needs).
  • Make decisions and take actions that put the consumers and the relevant partners frst.
  • Continuously monitor and measure impact delivered to consumer and partner.
  • Set clear expectations, always over deliver, never break trust.
  • Take consumer and partner feedback personally. Our job isn’t done until we solve our consumer’s issues.

Fire in the Belly

The strength of Vuclip are its people and their undying drive to thrive, for Vuclip and for themselves.

  • Communicate and act with genuine conviction about the higher meaning and purpose of your work and mission.
  • Have the hunger to learn and grow.
  • Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty when needed.
  • Don’t be a victim of circumstances; be the one who leads us out of it.

Nimble Feet

Being proactive and adaptive goes a long way. To step up your game, you must Flip the Game.

  • Avoid paralysis-by-analysis; take control and make decisions despite incomplete/imperfect data.
  • Adapt rapidly to evolving situations.
  • Focus on action; when you have a choice between doing and waiting for others, DO!


A genuine attitude and the effective use of expertise are regarded as the highest honour at Vuclip.

  • Be authentic – authenticity builds trust.Have the hunger to learn and grow.
  • Hire people you would be willing to report to.
  • Efectively use knowledge and experience to craft a point of view.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Structured Head

Keep your eyes on the prize. Success at Vuclip only comes to the headstrong, confident and efficient.

  • Make sure your work meets the purpose and vision of Vuclip.
  • Prioritize your work in a way to achieve high-impact goals.
  • Efectively assess situations, challenges and opportunities to plan a seamless path of execution.
  • Involve the right people in problem-solving and decision-making.

Decisive Active

Your true value comes from the decisions you make and the impact it creates for your consumers and partners.

  • Evaluate the impact of your decisions timely and efectively.
  • Enable your colleagues to make quick and efective decisions.
  • Discuss matters with your team and commit to the decisions you make


At Vuclip, we encourage our fellow colleagues and celebrate their wins. Because when we all work together, everybody wins.

  • Value your teammates and seek value from them.
  • Seek and provide feedback from and to the critical stakeholders, as they are your most important judges and vice-versa.
  • There is zero tolerance for “us vs them” mentality within the company; it’s important to seamlessly work across functional/organizational boundaries.
  • Recognize others and celebrate their wins.


The empowerment you bring to the table will determine your and Vuclip’s growth.

  • Delegate appropriate authority along with responsibility.
  • Implement out-of-the-box ideas and fail fast.
  • You are expected to hold yourself and your stakeholders accountable for the results and for the culture.


Respect for one another is an integral part of Vuclip’s culture. We thrive in the similarities and respect each other’s differences.

  • Treat people the way you would like to be treated. (The Platinum Rule rather than the Golden Rule.)
  • Always assume positive intent.
  • Give timely and constructive feedback.
  • Encourage others to express opinions and ideas and respect them for it.

A Vuclippers insight

  • Rahul Badki

    Senior Director - Analytics & Insights
    Vuclip is a place that nurtures several CEOs across departments. Vuclip's culture encourages complete ownership, undertaking organization wide initiatives and result-oriented execution. In the era when there is no dearth of smart people, Vuclip creates ACHIEVERS by encouraging them to show end-results through perseverant execution and collaboration across various teams. I have learnt how to solve a business problem by setting up an ongoing scalable model with the help of people, process & technology. Leadership at Vuclip is inspiring and empowering. They offer you big challenges, get involved into the details, navigate through multiple plans and let results talk more than anything else. I believe I have grown 100X in last 2.5 years at Vuclip. Go Vuclip!
    Rahul Badki
  • Juliana Low

    Head of Content & Programming - Malaysia
    I have been with the Malaysia team working on Vuclip’s OTT brand ‘viu’ for the past one and a half years. I was fortunate to be on the team that fought and endured hell high-water to launch the service in a short 5 months. The fact that we were also the first of the Vuclip markets to launch Viu, all our pioneering efforts were quickly shared, duplicated and improved upon with other markets that subsequently launched in quick succession. Vuclip has personally been a big learning curve for me and the best thing about that is management – it is progressively thinking, is data-driven, is boldly decisive and most important of all, is willing to empower its employees to tread the same paths.
    Juliana Low
  • Justin Roseworn

    Senior Manager Operations
    Based in Kuala Lumpur I've been part of the Vuclip family for almost 2 years. I was here before we had an office in Malaysia, in fact my first task from Kingsley was to find that office space and get it set up! Coordinating subtitles and content delivery from SEA partners, including PCCW is my core tasks but as is the environment in Vuclip I spend a lot of time in discussion with engineers in the US and Indian offices discussing ways to improve or adapt workflows and improve quality of our services. This is what I love about Vuclip, we are truly a global company, we are from all corners of the world with diverse skills and even more diverse backgrounds who come together to focus on a shared goal.
    Justin Roseworn