Viu is a leading entertainment streaming service provider, with a growing footprint that currently extends to 17 exciting markets, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, South Africa, and Middle East countries of UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar.

About Viu

Viu’s unique value proposition of fresh and localized regional and local premium TV shows, movies and originals, has garnered a 30+ million daily user base globally. Viu Originals bring to light compelling stories with world-class production quality, also providing the opportunity for local talent to showcase their skills on a global stage. The service can be accessed via the Viu app available for free on the App Store and Google Play, on devices such as smartphones and tablets, and on the web at

We believe in the power of stories, and in their ability to inspire people, change lives. Whether told through movies, television or music, created by professionals, emerging talents or fans, Viu narratives captivate the imagination, widen horizons and delight univocally.

Faster, fresher, shareable content makes us synonymous with great storytelling and keeps us at the pulse of the dynamic media world.

Streaming on Viu

Now, never miss out on a single moment of all the fresh content that’s always brewing under our hood. Our live video feed keeps you abreast with all the livewire entertainment from all corners of our ‘Viu’tiful world!

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